A very well painted portrait of Margarethe Elisabethe Willig by Jakob Philipp Nicodemo, court painter of Karlsruhe ( Hof Maler in Carlsruhe ). Margarethe was born 15th April 1739. Mrs Willig, née Müller, is designated as Willigin and Müllerin in the repsective inscription. The suffix -in designates her as female.

H 785mm, W 595mm  ( unframed )

Philipp Jacob Nicodemo was the court painter for Louis George ( Margrave of Baden Baden, Prince of the Holy Roman Empire ). Born in Salzburg ( in Latin, Salisburgensis ) 4th April 1728, he died in Karlsruhe 1794. From 1757, Nicodemo worked as badischer Hofmaler (court painter) in Rastatt. There he received an annual pension of 100 Gulden; to increase his income, he took other assignments, such as this work.

We also have the matching portrait of Margarethe’s husband Johann Georg Willig, merchant in Lahr, Germany.