Plaster bust of Bearded Dionysus, also known as the Indian Bacchus. Cast from the original Roman period bust at the Louvre Museum. Makers mark ROYAL MUSEE. Minor chips and repairs. Early 19th century.

H 640mm

“The design of the stamp used by Jacquet to mark his copies is not accidental. Signatures used during this period are round with a diameter measuring 2.5 cm, with the entire circumference marked by slight granulation. In the centre of the marking, there is a sign of the Musée Royal which confirms the institution where the cast was made. What is more, the sign also indicates the time of its creation – the name Musée Royal was used during the reign of Louis XVIII (1814-1824). Such dating of the plaster is also confirmed by iconography or the three lilies (two above and one below), which explicitly refer to the coat of arms of the Bourbon dynasty from which the Paris museum’s founder descended.”